Tuesday, 4 August 2015

VERIDIA in Concert - Sarnia

It has taken a bit of time, a few sleepless nights and a fair bit of planning, but I have booked a concert for this fall in Sarnia, and almost everything is ready to go! It will have been a year since the last concert I organized and promoted in Sarnia, but then again, these things take time.

So who is the artist I have booked, you may be asking?

I am pleased to announce the VERIDIA has agreed to come to Sarnia while they had a night off between shows in Detroit, MI and Columbus, OH, on their "Only the Crazy Survive" Tour. Kind of crazy, to add a show when you are on tour and already have a busy schedule, but then again, that's how you survive.

I first heard VERIDIA on our local Christian Radio station, Power 88.3, some time in 2014. Their song "Disconnected" was getting a fair bit of air play, and it connected with me. Then they were announced to be part of the 2015 WinterJam tour. I always go to WinterJam, and this year was no exception. Yes, VERIDIA was the first band up, but what a way to start the night! Of course, after the show I made sure I at least stopped by to say "Hello" and get them to sign their EP for me. I know, crazy kid fan stuff for someone my age. But I'm still young at heart, and music is ageless!

Anyway, it had been floated around in the back of my mind that maybe Sarnia could play host to a band like VERIDIA. That I could organize a concert for them here. Maybe in the fall of 2015. But then I saw that they announced they were going on tour though the fall, and I figured "so much for that idea". But when I saw they had a free day after playing Detroit. Well, what could it hurt to ask? So, here we are now, the band and venue are booked, the tickets are ready for sale, and all the little details leading up to the concert need to be worked.

That's right, VERIDIA is coming to Sarnia, Thursday, Oct. 1st, to play a concert at Redeemer Christian Reformed Church.  Tickets are available now, just click here! Don't miss out! See you there.