Murray and Music

I attended my first live rock concert in high school. I probably saw a live act every year since that first one. That's a lot of concerts. Someday, I think I will try to write down all of the bands and solo artists I have seen live over the years and the ones I've actually talked to. It will be a long list.

Music has always been important to me. Although I was never given the opportunity as a child to learn music, I always had my voice and could sing. When I started having an income, collecting music (tapes, vinyl, CDs and now digital files) became a hobby of mine. I listen to a lot of music in a wide range of genres. But the Christian artist with their words and message has become a focus point for me and the music I listen to the most. The range of genres is still very wide from hard rock, to classical and everything in between. I am always impressed that no matter what style of music I am in the mood for, I can find a Christian artist to meet that style.

So, likewise for concerts, my focus has shifted to primarily Christian concerts. These I have enjoyed with my wife and family. With my kids growing up, exposing them to Christian music in any kind of style they wanted to listen to was a great blessing. Although "secular" music was not excluded, the fact that they were drawn to Christian artists kept everyone in the household enjoying the music we listened to.

So what my family share in enjoying music together, I would like to share with you my readers. Enjoy!

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