Monday, 22 February 2016

All the Earth is Holy Ground

This past weekend the "All the Earth is Holy Ground" tour made it to Port Huron, MI. This tour is headlined by Tenth Avenue North and includes Hawk Nelson and I Am They. I Am They is a fairly new worship group, but Hawk Nelson and Tenth Avenue North have been in this game for a while.
Lighting effect for "All the Earth is Holy Ground" tour

So Saturday night I had the opportunity to hear a band live that I stumbled across a few months back. I Am They did not disappoint. I had watched their videos and liked their sound, but seeing them perform live and share themselves with the audience was a blessing. Not sure how many of the people that have seen them in concert caught it, but they changed and switched and shared instruments multiple times, which makes the performance all the more interesting. To think that a number of the members of this band can all play all of the instruments is amazing.  And now their full album plays over and over again in my house.
Dynamic praise

A diverse group musicians playing multiple instruments

Moving on to Hawk Nelson, I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I have never seen Hawk Nelson live in concert. Seriously! Oh, they have had concerts close to where I live, multiple times over the years, but it just never worked out that I could go and see them live. Until this past Saturday that is, when Power 883 and 90.7 HOPE FM brought them to town. What a show! What energy! The lasers, the bubbles, the running around. They are not to be missed, if you have the opportunity to see the live show!!
Hawk Nelson singing the praise
Lasers and bubbles, making it fun

The music of Tenth Avenue North has blessed our home for many years. I've had the opportunity to see them in concert once before as part of WinterJam several years ago. I knew this was a concert that was not to be missed. We were not disappointed. The sharing of their heart, of their faith, and the worship of God all mixed together with fun and entertainment made for an awesome evening.
Tenth Avenue North rock
Signing the truth
The full band, working together

One thing I appreciate seeing is bands that work together. They are on tour together, so it is great to see when they share the stage together. I Am TheyHawk Nelson and Tenth Avenue North really showed that this tour is not about them individually, but that they have come together to work together and share the message together. It does not happen to often that bands will share the stage. It made me appreciate these three groups more that they did, and not just once at the end of the concert.
I Am They, Hawk Nelson and Tenth Avenue North, starting the last set together
Final number and all the bands closing the show, together

Finally, I must say a big thank you to 90.7 HOPE FM and Power 883 for another great concert.