Sunday, 19 July 2015

Family Force 5 and Warped Tour

So, we are less than a week away from Vans Warped Tour 2015 hitting Detroit. Last year was my first year there and it was interesting, to say the least. One day, 90 bands, 9 stages. How can one person take it all in? I had my idea of a few bands I would listen to. Mostly, I hung out with my daughter and we listened to the ones she was interested in. I heard a lot of bands that day, but there were a few memorable groups for me. My short list from last year would be Courage My Love, Echosmith and of course Icon for Hire (see my last post).

But what about this year? So I'm taking a completely different approach. There are a lot of pop punk bands and alternative rock bands on the tour. That's the music I like so I am going to hit as many of them as I can. Very simple approach. But for sure, I'm going to push to the front row for Icon for Hire and Family Force 5.

This is not my first round of seeing the guys from Family Force 5. Most recently on the 2015 WinterJam Tour and also a year before that at a concert they did in Port Huron with We As Human, Flame and V Rose. So, this will be my third time rocking with the guys from Family Force 5. In our family we have really grown to enjoy the Family Force 5 music. Yes, they can get serious about faith and life in there music, but must of the time it's fun, fun, fun! Song like BZRK, Sweep The Leg, Chainsaw, Jet Pack Kicks, and just for me Dance Like Nobody's Watching. Most of all, when they are on stage, it's just fun! The close they wear, is fun. The songs they sing, are fun. The way they perform, is fun. And they try very hard to get the crowd to have fun with them.

So, this Friday. The old guy with all the young kids in the front row, yeah, that's me!

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